There Is A Dispute Over Who Caused The Accident. What Should I Do?

As if being in a car accident isn’t bad enough, sometimes you must navigate a long, drawn-out dispute over the circumstances of the crash to receive the compensation you are due. No matter how certain you are that you were not at fault, the other driver involved and their insurance company could have other ideas. Your best bet for resolving the dispute to your benefit is to approach it with patience and persistence.

Car Accident Injury.jpgThe chief thing to consider from the outset is whether to consult with an attorney. Depending on the circumstances, your insurance company may provide you with legal help to dispute the cause of the accident and serve as the chief contact with the other party’s insurance provider. The decision of who was at fault could be determined between the insurance companies. However, you may decide that you need a personal attorney to help your cause, particularly if there is a lot at stake or if your insurance company is not backing your claim.

An accident dispute can be a complex process and the consequences can be costly for you, and an experienced attorney can help you navigate the experience expertly. Attorneys understand the intricacies of insurance companies and their investigations, as well as the legal system, if that is a factor in the incident.

A critical part of resolving the dispute to your satisfaction will be gathering as much information as possible about the accident. This includes noting your recollections as clearly as possible, scavenging your memories for as many relevant details as you can recall, so as to help build the architecture of the scene to show the responsibility for the accident was not yours. In addition, photographs of the scene of the accident can be illustrative in important ways; if you are in condition at the scene of the accident, it is ideal that you or a friend or family member take photos of the scene and the vehicles from a variety of angles and standpoints.

An accident dispute also means you – or an attorney – will want to interview witnesses. The testimony of neutral witnesses can be a crucial element in an accident dispute.

If police responded to the accident, an officer may have filed a report from the scene that includes an opinion of who was at fault. The officer’s version of what occurred will be an important consideration. If the accident resulted in charges against you, you will want to dispute these not only to prevent the possible legal ramifications but to aid your accident dispute.

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